Make a donation to Thomas Tempelmann

Here you can show your support for the programming and educational work from Thomas Tempelmann by sending him some money.

What you can pay for

Here are the "products" Thomas is asking to get a little donation for:

Zip Package for Xojo (REALbasic)

The Zip Package has been developed during many weeks. Before version 3.0, a donation was kind of voluntary (it was actually mandatory, being shareware, but that didn't work out too well).

Now the price for this package is US$ 35. You'll get a license code in return that unlocks the ZipFolderItem class for use in built apps.

Find Any File

Find Any File is now primarily sold via Apple's App Store. However, you may also pay for it here instead, especially in cases where you're using the app on an older system, including PowerPC Macs. The regular price is $6, but you are welcome to choose any other price you find suitable by using the Pay Now button under Pay any amount...

Other works

There are some free applications, such as iBored. Thomas does not require you do pay for these applications, but if you feel you like to send him some money for either of them, he'll appreciate it.

Here you can pay him

What you get in return

You get to make Thomas happy with each donation he receives, because it keeps him alive and eager to do more helpful work.

You also get to appreciate more what you made the donation for. You will feel good about it and be more interested in using the software.

Last but not least, you will get an e-mail from Thomas thanking you for your recognition of his contribution(s). (do), last update Wednesday, Feb 7, 2014